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RE: 242 racer project

Latest Posts - Wed, 11/22/2017 - 17:37
(02-16-2014 01:34 PM)laurenconfounded Wrote:  Turbobricks supplied the 16t and the reclock was pretty easy, hopefully this little guy will last a while.

Here we are in a garage again, I love garages.

What's that in the background? A WC T5? Yep, gonna do that too. And thanks to Knox Motorsports for the easy to use adapter kit, great instructions, and the Spec clutch.

Also picked up a prefab trani brace. Like pushing the easy button.

Goin' in. Um, finally.

Got the engine in, just in time to throw the 242 on a trailer and head to Tennessee for my next chapter in the Witness Protection program.
Very nice 242