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The mighty 242GT that could

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 12:24
Back when I was 14 I fell in love with the 240 series and always showed my dad videos and pictures of them. One day he told me that if I´m able to find a old Volvo, then we would restore it together as a project. About 2 months after I turned 16 I told my dad about a car I had seen for sale, a rusty 240 2 door with some stripes. He wasnt to happy about the car, because for him "old" means 1950´s and 1960´s, but he was willing to help me with it. Neither me nor my dad really knew what special car it was. We bought it barely running and in very rough shape.

And thats how the story begins...
What I had bought was a 158´000km 1 Owner 1979 242GT 2.3L that had been sitting since 1999, it should have been exported either to africa or east europe, but I bought it just in time.

Once we got it home we started inspecting the car:

Looking for Rust... and we found it

The other side looked the same

We found a lot of rust (not all in the pictures) and we got really demotivated, so we called it a day. My dad worked on the car in secret, thats how I found the car the next weekend: