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'95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 12-15-2011 01:52 PM

In my never ending quest for the perfect daily driver, I decided to sell off the '89 745Ti and step into a '95 945Ti. I'd been looking up and down the west coast for a nice example of a 93+ 945T for some time when I found this one for sale up in Oregon. Even better, it was white over black/charcoal. :drool: Anyone who knows me know that almost all of my cars are white over black. Why? I dunno, I'm just weird like that. But honestly I didn't even know that you could get that color combo in '95, in a 940.

Come to find out, it was being sold by Roy (2manyturbos) through his business. After about a week of going back & forth over email and phone, a deal was struck so I hopped a train up to Oregon, bought it and drove it home.

It took a few days to get the paperwork trail sorted with the Cali DMV; a VIN verification by DMV, another VIN verification by CHP, smog inspection, and the 'brake and lamp' inspections needed to be done before the DMV would give me the license plates for the car...but they had no qualms about taking my $$ first. grrr In fact, I just got back from DMV this morning (6/25/11) with the new plates for the car, but I started this paperwork battle over a week ago.

Why 2 VIN verifications you ask? Because it's a salvage title. Normally, I'd run like the plague from anything with a branded title. But in this case, there was sufficient history/proof on the vehicle, including pictures and documentation of the minor fender-bender that caused the branded title (both airbags deployed and that's why it was "totaled"), a thorough inspection and repair post-accident, the usual CarFax reports, etc. All backing up that it was a well cared for, 1 owner car, with only 161k on the odometer...and it was repaired properly.

The drive home from Oregon was typically long and somewhat boring running solo, but the car ran flawless the whole trip, managing ~23mpg with the AC on and cruise control set. Not the ~28mpg I got in my 745T, but that car also had 3.31 rear gears and M46, where as this one sports an AW71 and 3.73 G80 rear.

Honestly, the best thing was that this long drive gave the car a good shakedown run, and aside from finding the TPS unplugged (good eye Gary!) and a couple vacuum lines that could be done as preventative maintenance, I haven't found one thing wrong with this car, or put another way; nothing needs to be addressed. A first for me with a used car, that should say volumes about Roy's business ethics.

Anyway, onto to pics of the car, as delivered in Oregon.

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

[Image: large.jpg]

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 12-15-2011 01:53 PM

Since this is more of a DD it isn't going to get stupid with the mods, but it will get some perf stuff under the hood. For now though, suspension is where it's at. I also swapped over my cargo mat from the 745T.

Here's a crappy pic, but this is the new stance as of this morning (07/07/11). I'm hoping those new iPd springs settle a touch more, but honestly I don't want it too low to be impractical for DD status (I do haul **** occasionally).

[Image: large.jpg]

Timeline for maintenance, repairs, upgrades - blu92in99 - 12-15-2011 01:53 PM

- installed iPd springs (blue)
- installed iPd adjustable panhard
- installed (used) iPd 25mm swaybars front/back
- installed Cherry Turbo lower brace
- installed 960 x-member braces
- replaced strut rod bushings w/SuperPro poly
- replaced (missing) engine belly pan

- swapped headlamp switch out with one from a '92 940. Result: no more DRLs, normal exterior lamp operation regained.
- new Conti P/S, A/C, & alt v-belts
- installed Magnecor plug wires

- tinted windows; 50% on the front 2 windows, 5% on everything else

10/2011 @ 163k on the odometer, did the following:
- oil change (Rotella T 15w-40, Bosch filter)
- tire rotation
- new Monroe lift supports for the rear liftgate
- greased all poly bushings (Mobil1 syn grease)
- new aluminum accessory mount bushings from YoshiFab
- new Raybestos rotors & Axxis 'Metal Master' pads all around
- new Techna-Fit braided SS brake hoses all around
- new Valvoline synthetic DOT4, flushed system
- new SenSen gas shocks/struts
- performed 'camber mod' to strut mounts
- installed body-colored 960 door handles, liftgate handle & mirrors
- installed 760 door-pull straps
- installed V90 rear wiper arm
- replaced burned-out illumination bulbs in dash switches & HVAC control panel
- installed Wheelskins leather-wrap to steering wheel

- installed V90 tail lamps
- replaced dome lamp

- modified airbox / installed K&N filter
- installed JoeP 'XZ' MBC
- installed Clarion Pro Audio DXZ555MP

2/2012 @ 166k on the odometer, did the following:
- replaced ambient temp gauge
- replaced all bulbs in instrument cluster with Green LEDs from SuperBright LEDs
- replaced brake/tail, turn signal, and license plate lamps with LEDs from SuperBright LEDs
- oil change (Rotella T 15w-40, Bosch filter)
- replaced both strut mounts (new Gabriel brand), no 'camber mod'
- installed Cherry Turbo upper chassis brace

- installed polished aluminum gauge rings from The Tuning Shop
- chipped LH (thanks Orie!)

- removed frame weights
- removed firewall weight
- replaced front iron LCAs with aluminum LCAs
- installed OE Volvo 'Polaris' wheels with 215/45R17 Falken Azenis 722 tires
- replaced OE open acorn lugnuts with new chrome Gorilla lugnuts and OE Volvo [McGard] chrome wheel locks

6/2012 @ 170k on the odometer, did the following:
- oil change (Rotella T 15w-40, Mann filter)
- new NGK spark plugs (BPR7ES @ .028" gap)
- replaced oil separator box
- serviced EGR system [cleaned piping]
- installed Yoshifab phenolic intake manifold spacers
- cleaned throttle body
- installed ported 90+ exhaust manifold
- installed iPd 'turbo performance' camshaft (valves adjusted to .016")
- resealed distributor
- replaced OE rubber vacuum hoses with new silicone hoses from ATP Turbo
- new Conti P/S, A/C, & alt v-belts

- installed OE sidemarker lamps

- installed OBX exhaust w/Magnaflow cat
- installed Apexi turbo timer
- installed Lotek a-pillar pod w/VDO vision boost gauge

- converted to foglamp front end
- installed Nokya 'hyper yellow' foglamp bulbs

11/2012 @ 174k on the odometer;
- installed eggcrate grille w/chrome surround
- oil change (Rotella T 15w-40, Bosch filter)

- replaced tan headliner with gray V90 headliner

3/2013 @ 179k on the odometer;
- new NGK spark plugs (BPR6EY @ .028" gap)
- new Bosch cap & rotor
- new Kingsborne 8mm plug wires
- new Bosch O2 sensor (p/n #13376)
- new Bosch fuel filter
- oil change (Rotella T 15w-40, Mann filter)
- repaired transmission mount bracket
- new ball joints (Raybestos)
- new front swaybar endlink poly bushings (Energy Suspension)

10/2013 @ 182.5k on the odometer;
- oil change (Rotella T 15w-40, Bosch filter)
- regreased poly bushings w/marine-grade 'green' grease

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - Magnum TE - 12-15-2011 02:32 PM

This car is clean as hell, it's what restarted my quest for a clean daily driving wagon.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - scottyd - 12-15-2011 05:09 PM

I like.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 12-15-2011 06:26 PM

(12-15-2011 02:32 PM)Magnum TE Wrote:  This car is clean as hell, it's what restarted my quest for a clean daily driving wagon.
...and I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am as far as maintenance & mods go without your help Toby. Your coming up and motivating me to work on my cars was Much appreciated!

Speaking of that motivation, here's a couple pics from that day (thanks Toby!)...

Me fucking around with the rear shocks & brakes
[Image: 142940604.jpg]
[Image: 142940611.jpg]

A shot of the fronts, post strut & brake assembly replacement
[Image: 142940606.jpg]

The 'camber-mod' strut mount
[Image: 142940609.jpg]

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - kampman - 12-16-2011 12:54 AM

Looks great. I'd love to find one that clean around here.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - 240keith - 12-16-2011 01:00 AM

(12-16-2011 12:54 AM)kampman Wrote:  Looks great. I'd love to find one that clean around here.

same here... its so clean... and judging by the rest of your stuff it will only get better

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - Magnum TE - 01-05-2012 11:54 PM

Manifold's ported:

[Image: Photo263.jpg]

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 01-06-2012 04:51 PM

Woot woot!! Thanks Toby! Smile

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - scottyd - 01-06-2012 04:55 PM

Any plans to stick manuel in there?

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 01-06-2012 05:14 PM

Like a T5 or M90? Nah, keeping an auto in this one.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - skunked - 01-06-2012 05:29 PM

yeah right Justin.......

you'll get bored and wanna mess with it eventually.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 01-06-2012 05:53 PM

Ain't that the truth Mat! hahaha

It will get some more mods, no doubt about it...but she'll stay autotragic. I would have kept my '89 if I wanted to stick with a stick for my DD.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - skunked - 01-06-2012 06:00 PM



RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 01-14-2012 07:04 PM

So got back to working on the cars today. Finally opened up the airbox to find it was still in 100% factory configuration; plastic choke tube, divider plate, foam insert and foam retainer.

[Image: 140914944.jpg]

A quick minute to get the box out and removal of the easy bits got me this far;
[Image: 140914945.jpg]'s the easy bits in a trash pile;
[Image: 140914946.jpg]

An after shot, showing the modified inlet. This was accomplished using my die grinder, but any cutting aparatus will suffice.
[Image: 140914947.jpg]

From there it was as simple as reinstalling the airbox, dropping in the freshly serviced K&N filter, and done.

Then it was time to mount the MBC, my trusty old JoeP 'XZ' unit that I've been running for 7-8 years now on one or another of my cars.

Here you can see where I mounted it, to the bottom of the coolant reservoir bracket on the passenger strut tower. This keeps it well hidden from the eyes of the smog tech and local law enforcement. Wink The old 8mm plug wire separators keep the hoses looking nonchalant as well.
[Image: 140914948.jpg]

With the reservoir reinstalled, she's totally hidden and looks factory. Now boosting 12psi, yay.
[Image: 140914949.jpg]

Now to get that ported 90+ from Toby and slap it on.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - thebornotaku - 01-15-2012 04:26 AM

So much for keeping your DD reasonable, eh? Tongue

Gotta say, I'm not a huge fan of the 7/9 styling, but the big IC in the 9 series is nice. Even if it is a tiny little turbo pushing air through it.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 01-15-2012 11:32 PM

what's not reasonable? Wink

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - scottyd - 01-16-2012 12:12 AM

Yea look at Nathan's DD.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 01-25-2012 11:09 AM

Finally got my radio harness adapter from Crutchfield yesterday, so I wired up the HU that I've been running in my Volvos for a couple years now (Clarion Pro Audio DXZ555MP) and removed the factory cassette deck. I'm impressed with the Scotche/Crutchfield adapter harness; without having to cut or run new wires or add cross-overs, it retained all 6 speakers' functionality.

I didn't take any pics, but here's a stolen one from ye olde interwebz.

[Image: h020DXZ555-f_mtp.jpg]

...and here's the specs of said HU. CLICK ME

Even better, once I fired it up I noticed the CD eject button lit up. Thinking "WTF?", I pushed the button and was rewarded with my missing copy of Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti (disc1)! I must have left it in the HU when I removed it from the '89 745T. Blush

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 02-23-2012 11:52 AM

Swapped out the bulbs in the cluster for LEDs yesterday, went with green to keep it from being abrasive on the eyes.

It's a cellphone pic so not the highest quality.
[Image: 141685655.jpg]
This required four #194 and two twist-lock #74 (IIRC). One of the twist-lock bulbs was for the ambient temp gauge.

Also replaced the tail/brake lamps, license plate lamps, and turn signals all around with LEDs. #1157 amber for the front turns/markers, #1156 amber for the rear turn signals, #1157 red for the brake/tail lamps, #1156 red for the CHMSL, and #194 ambers for the sidemarkers and #194 white for license plate lamps. No pics of this stuff yet.

LOL, my bulb out indicator is on now, even with the lights off. I'll probably have to run a resistor across the bulb out relay...or just yank the bulb out indicator bulb out of the cluster.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - miguel.760ti - 02-23-2012 07:12 PM

This car is clean. I like it.

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 03-12-2012 11:45 PM

Installed these on my instrument cluster saturday; polished aluminum gauge bezels/rings. It adds a nice subtle touch without too much rice I think. Smile

[Image: 142052194.jpg]

Took about 2 weeks for them to arrive from the UK. Install took about an hour, including R&R of the cluster.

Here's a crappy installed pic. Dunno WTF I was thinking only getting 3/4 of the gauges in the shot but meh, whatever.
[Image: 142052197.jpg]

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - Magnum TE - 03-13-2012 09:29 AM

dude hella slick, you got to tell me about cool stuff like this when you place an order Tongue

RE: '95 945T - Daily D - blu92in99 - 03-13-2012 02:24 PM

Sent ya a PM with the location where I bought 'em Toby. Also edited my timeline post above (post #3) to include the url to their eBay shop.

(02-23-2012 11:52 AM)blu92in99 Wrote:  LOL, my bulb out indicator is on now, even with the lights off. I'll probably have to run a resistor across the bulb out relay...or just yank the bulb out indicator bulb out of the cluster.
Wound up yanking the bulb out indicator bulb out of the cluster, as opposed to adding a 6watt/50ohm load resistor at every external bulb socket.

I did verify that the Cruise Control and ABS still function as designed, even with the bulb out indicator on (and verified again after yanking the bulb from the cluster). Apparently this is a big concern with other car brands where when the bulb out indicator is on, neither cruise control nor traction control, abs, etc will function properly if at all. Glad to see that Volvo just used it for an idiot lamp and didn't tie critical/comfort systems into it. Smile