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Alpine Speakers... another front door topic
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Alpine Speakers... another front door topic
I recently saw for sale on Ebay an older 240 that had nice Alpines in the front. I used to have all Alpine type S speakers in my 2 door Ford & we just installed a component set in my friend's G6. They are good clear sounding speakers that can take a lot of volume, and bring the bass right along with it.

I could not tell if the car online had 4" or 5.25" speakers stuffed in the front doors. Has anyone ever run Alpines in their car? They're a pretty common speaker. I would love to get 5.25 ones so I can amp them. Right now I have 4" Infinitys which were great... until I amped the 6x9s in the rear. I've found most infinitys lack bass in general compared to Alpines. So basically what I want to know is if anyone has installed 5.25 speakers that are NOT considered low profile. Thanks Smile

Reading another thread about these front doors, I figured I would mention this as a tip:
The door panels on these cars certainly aren't stable, and using a good speaker means they have to be repaired.... so what I did is cut & install metal backing to broadly surround the speaker insert holes in the doors. This ended up for a very professional looking install, as opposed to looking like the speakers would just fall on the floor any day. I used what I think is roofing tin... it was on a large roll in the backyard from when my father ran a construction company. I'm sure a similar material could be obtained.
04-22-2013 01:32 PM
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