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If you own a 6 cil 2.9l NO turbo S80, READ THIS. I need your help.
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Exclamation If you own a 6 cil 2.9l NO turbo S80, READ THIS. I need your help.
Tragic story made short. My mechanics dog ate his homework (she actually ate my cars hoses tho). And we are still missing one hose (it seems). The hose or connector missing is the one that connects the Oil Trap to the Air Intake Manifold on the front of the engine. I bought hose number 9497569 but it seems we either bought the wrong hose OR we need an additional one OR a connector, and Im still trying to find/see how this hose is connected.

I was wondering if anyone here had a Volvo S80 first generation (mine is 2004), with the same type of engine mine has. And if you wouldn't mind taking a bit of time from your day, to snap a few pictures (of the engine and said parts). PLEASE, I would really appreciate this.

To ensure your engine type is the same one as mine (B6294S2); you can easily go to this link: [URL=""][/URL], type your VIN number and the page will tell you what engine type you have.

I will be attaching images for reference.

Thank you so much!

[Image: 49686204_2144379348938513_71022678202887...e=5CBA928D]
Engine view from the top.
[Image: 49899257_794489700903603_342289101852403...e=5CB684A0]
Oil trap attached to engine block, notice how the connector for this one is facing the front of the car. NOT the sky.
[Image: 49716187_925211277667423_168568074133517...e=5CC3C9EB]
Oil trap, detached from engine block.
[Image: 50089398_801137570278790_419710693860704...e=5CC71C0E]
Camera is aiming from the drivers side towards the passenger side, under the manifold.
[Image: 49735163_349345408981683_218229708523831...e=5CBF7BB1]
This is "inside" the inlet manifold, camera is aiming from the passenger side towards the drivers side.
01-11-2019 01:02 PM
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