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The Gold Bomb (still shooting for 9's in 2011)
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RE: The Gold Bomb (still shooting for 9's in 2011)
man it's been a while. TL;DR: Sold the proefi to some unsuspecting individual, replaced with ms3pro, much success.


got the car running back in October, replaced one 044, unlocked the other. after running it through the warmup cycle I foolishly re-torqued the head studs. I say foolishly because the thing wasn't leaking a drop from the cylinder head until I did that. now it's coming out damn everywhere and in large quantities.

Struggled with the proefi to scale it for E85 use, didn't have much success, fucked with it for a day trying to get it to crank up without spending 10 minutes melting the starter. problem got worse as it got colder, didn't seem to really respond well to tuning inputs (which are laborious at best when it takes you 10 minutes to make a change, see if it worked, restart the software, rinse, repeat). The second or third time the car did this to me, I had enough. I've openly complained about the exceptionally shitty software that ProEFI has, they recently released a "new and improved" version.. that runs just as shitty as the older stuff. and I'd have to find a dealer to get the new firmware to go with the new software (and allegedly they didn't have it created yet for the trigger pattern I was using). Enough was enough. The ProEFI made the car genuinely miserable to work on and try and tune, to the point where I'd more than fleetingly thought about parting it out, flattening the shell with the tractor, and getting something else and going down the 2j route. So, command decision in early Jan/late December, ProEFI is to be sold. I don't remember exactly what I paid for it, but after the dust settled, I *may* have come away breaking even, someone got a good deal, and I got enough to replace it. Someone else can revel in the misery of that (or, more likely, hand a dealer a car, the ecu, and a couple K and just pick up something that's sorted out. that's never been my style, and that wasn't going to happen here either).

Enter Ms3pro. I got roped in (well ok, it didn't take much, I'm already a fanboy) by the glitz of the new packaging and the allure of no db-37's. procured that guy back in jan, and it was the centerpiece on the kitchen table while I got the 940 reassembled from it's rodus exodus. once the 940 was reasonably well sorted, and the carport et al cleaned up, in came the gold shitbox for the makeover. That was last sunday/monday. Monday night I worked on it for a bit, mostly disassembling the remainder of the proefi harness and isolating all the circuits to make the install easier. same thing teus, also figured out where I was going to put the ms, and gleefully hole-sawed the aircon box in the dash (it's been empty for a while). Weds I stayed up entirely too late wiring on the car, and ended up missing a thing or two (more on this in a minute), got it to a point where I could hit the starter and see what's up, and found a few mistakes/inconsistencies. and a massive fuel leak. Sorted those things out (mostly on saturday, kept getting interrupted thurs and friday), copied and pasted the timing and ve maps from the 940 just so it would have something resembling a volvo map in it, WAG'd on the timing angle, was wrong, WAG'd again and it cranked up and ran. set the base timing, dropped the required fuel until it sounded about right (no wideband yet) and the sonofabitch was idling. rev'd alright too, so bonus. Spent part of sunday cleaning up the wiring and hooking various other things up, still have a few things to go (nitrous is chief among those), but without fucking with the warmup, cranking, after start, accel enrich, any of that shit, the car will crank right up, idle, and drive without dying.

So much more win. At the moment the car is no longer a major pain in the ass to work on. I still have to take the cylinder head back apart to fix the massive oil leaks, that will likely happen this weekend or maybe later this week. I look forward to getting it to the track to shake it down a bit, get some tuning in, and get the 8.8 swapped in.

What I'd really like is for this thing to be reliable enough that I can drag it out to the track and really spend some time tuning it and learning it and sorting things out, finally make it fast
02-24-2014 03:01 PM
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