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The BS Members Powertrain Post- Post up your drivetrain here!
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RE: The BS Members Powertrain Post- Post up your drivetrain here!
Walp, minus whale make a new post for the current setup since I'm done building it.

Screen Name-Gross Polluter
Model-245 DL

Short Block Info-

* Engine Block- USDM Toyota 2JZ
* Crankshaft- Stock
* Rods- Stock
* Rod Bolts Stock
* Pistons- Stock
* Rings- Stock
* Compression Ratio- 10:1
* Head Gasket Thickness- .020" OEM Toyota 2JZGE
* Oil Type- Rotella 10-40
* Oil Filter- OEM Toyota

Cylinder Head Info-

* Head Casting- Toyota 2JZGTE-VVTi
* Camshaft(s)- Brian Crower BC0311, 218 @ .050" 8.74mm
* Timing Belt- OEM Toyota
* Timing Gear- Factory hydraulic helical drive VVT gear
* Head Bolts/Studs- Re-used stock bolts
* Gaskets- OEM Toyota

Engine Management-

* ECM (K-Jet/LH/D-Jet/MS/etc.)- Dual Megasqurit CANBUS array. MS3X engine controller, MS2/GPIO trans controller
* Injectors-12 injectors total - Stock OEM JDM 2JZGTE high-z 440cc primaries, GM LS9 60lb/hr secondaries
* MAF- Barometric scaled speed density
* Tuning Software- TS and MLV
* Chips- Lay's dill pickle


* Distributor- Factory 36-2 crank trigger, 3 tooth VVTi cam trigger
* Wires- OEM Toyota
* Spark Plugs- NGK BKR7E
* Plug Gap- .032
* Ignition Coil(s)- OEM 2JZ wasted spark coils
* Programming (MS/MSD)- MS3X/MSGPIO

Exhaust Side-

* Manifold/Header- Ebay T4 cast log manifold
* Turbo- Forced Performance GT3582R-HTA 1.00 A/R
* Boost Level- 22 psi
* Exhaust- 3" mandrel bent
* O2 Sensor- Bosch LSU 4.2
* Muffler- Magnaflow bullet center muffler, generic perforated core 3" rear muffler

Intake Side-

* Air Intake- 4" tube
* Air Filter- AEM dry flow
* Intake Plumbing- 3" from turbo to throttle body
* Intercooler- NPR
* Blow Off/Compressor Bypass- HKS Stupid Surgequential
* Boost Controller- TiAL MVS with the proper spring


* Flywheel- Stock flexplate
* Clutch- LOL
* Transmission- Toyota Aristo A341LE
* Driveshaft- Stock 240 driveshaft(s) modified for 1350 U-joint for coupling to Toyota transmission
* Transmission Mount- Stock Toyota MKIV Supra
* Fluid- Toyota type IV

Cooling System-

* Radiator- Stock Volvo 240
* Cooling Fan and Control- Dual SPAL 12" fans controlled by SPAL V3 fan controller
* Coolant- Dish soap
* Hoses- Stock Volvo B230F lower radiator hose, F-Body LS1 upper hose

Actual Wheel Horsepower- 590
Actual Wheel Torque- 580

Future Plans- Just drive the damn thing.

Impressions- Slow POS. Good daily driver. Put close to 40k miles a year on the car and it does what it needs to do day in and day out, no issues what so ever. The FP GT3582R-HTA turbo holds 22psi as low as 2400 RPM. Transient boost response is pretty damn close to a stock turbo. All of that on a 1.00 A/R T4 turbine housing. Makes over 500 ftlbs of torque from 3500 rpm all the way to the rev limiter (6800 rpm.) Powerband that'll make LS1 owners jealous.

68 Rustang - MS'd 351C
88 245 - 2JZGTE VVTi powered, MS3X/MSGPIO controlled
98 XJ - Stock(ish)
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RE: The BS Members Powertrain Post- Post up your drivetrain here!
Hey Brickcupra here. The name came from of course "the brick " from the overenginnered wagon and the Cupra from the Seat model in Spain but more over because I had a Supra 7mgte engine in a Cressida chassis.S-upra,C-ressida.

Screen Name -Brickcupra
Year -1992
Model - 240 wagon

Short block - factory inline 6 7m Toyota
Rods - stock
Crankshaft -stock
Pistons - stock
Bearings - 10 k miles only
Oil pump - stock
Oil pick up - modified for the Wagon middle support
Oil pan - Toyota Cressida and Supra modified ,fused both to fit the Volvo middle support space.
Compression ratio - 8.4:1

Cylinder head

Head - factory 24 valve overhead cam
Aluminum head belt driven
Can sensor - built into the original distributior housing.
Turbo - factory CT 26
Original head gasket
Shaved head 5 mm

Engine management
MGT factory 5 speed CPU
Factory 440 injectors
Chevrolet Waste spark coils
Chevrolet spark plug cables
Factory intake housing
Lexus throttle cable
Factory cast iron turbo exhaust
Factory Catalitic Converter - refurbished
Spark plugs - Lexus iridium tip thanks to a local pick and pull.
Air intake - Lexus SC 400 air box with after market silicone accordion

Toyota factory 5 speed R 154 rated at 500 HP plus.
Drive shaft ,Toyota 4 runner fork / factory Volvo merge

Plans - trying not to get killed by wife
So I can enjoy the brick (lol)
07-04-2020 06:18 PM
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